Drawtober 2020 #2

On to the next 10 and in this case for another private project, whohoo! This one has just started in early summer together with a dear writing friend, so i basically tried out some aesthetics and faces and shapes and colours and moods.

#1 na.j, orange blossoms, mountains

#2 na.j, a cloudy moon, a dragon, gorse

#3 na.j, oranges, rosemary, thin clouds

#4 na.j, a silkie, wood, leaves in the wind

#5 na.j, a small dragon, rhododendron, the night…and tiny observers

#6 na.j, A., Thyme, dawn

#7 na.j, a dragon like a dark cloud, olive twigs, dark clouds

#8 na.j on their way, mountains, bats

#9 na.j, a dignified stranger, a garden, aura

#10 na.j, the protagonist, transitioning