Drawtober 2020 #3

So…the first day of the 3rd third was not a drawing day; I had so much trouble and everything I drew was terrible and decided in the end to post the first of „Closenes“ but I considered to change the style and/or the subject on the next day again.
Day 2: There was very few time to it, so I stick to the topic and chose a very convenient subject.
Next days:
Closeness 3 Foreheads
Closeness 4 (Horse or dragon?)
Closeness 5
Closeness 6
Closeness 7 (this ink color is crazy, I used it for mixing earlier but this was the first time with it alone and it feels wild)(could be the green of Billie Eilish though)
Closeness 8 (falling asleep or just being half asleep happily alone and on my own as being very close to myself) (also Totoro bed linen just because it exists!!)
Closeness 9
Closeness 10 Huge cat!
Closeness – last day: Collage