Drawtober 2020 #1

Hello October, hello Drawtober, hello OCtober! I am somehow always nervous about drawing OCs, because they are fickle and moody when you haven’t drawn them for a while 🙂
First 10 drawings -> 5 Characters from my personal own comic project (working title „lundhey“):

This is Minna, a huge introvert, archaeologist, working at town municipality, likes roleplay and plays rugby. What else?
Favourite movie scene is the train ride through the ocean in Spirited Away.

Young Minna (from yesterday) and pollard trees, fantasy and fairy tales are their thing, living at the edge of the town. Looking closely at their surrounding and seeing all the details.

Hello Ed. Is a little bit mysterious, likes tech and midnight snacks. Can sleep at any time and cannot stop until an idea is implemented. Fixes things. Misses connection. And has a secret companion.

Ed is an odd child. (And her name is not really Ed, just Minna calls her that name because of Cowboy Bebop and Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV)

3) This is Beth, one of the lucky ones who is able to enjoy the countryside and her family’s farm and at the same time loves and lives a city life. Works in an archive, fancies fancy drinks and motto themed locations. Also plays rugby and is definitely an ambivert.

Young Beth / preferred Lilly as a child, lots of playing with chickens and fairies and picking up herbs and mushrooms to eat and running very fast through the woods

A/J is a soft person, gentle and calm. Loves cute pastries and detailed patterns and napping. Cannot be surprised so easily because just expects everything at every time to happen.
A/J loves to nap in nature or pretend to nature while listening intensly to the sounds and birds and trees. Has a sweet spot for loners even if he is not essentially one himself …well just except for getting lost into whispering sounds. Also is someone who always shares dessert with you.

5) I messed it up a bit, I am sorry, Sascha, hello! Is a geologist, always a bit freezing, enjoys a lot of coffee and tea. Does not understand debate clubs and loves roadtrips or at least the idea of it. Also loves the sea. Like a lot. And is very serious about it.
Sascha got easily lost as a child – literally and also with his mind. Always finding something interesting or odd or new in the dark, at the ground, in the concrete and in the ruins. Likes hugs and breaks.