Inktober 2019 #1

My 6th inktober and as last year I decided to make my own list with 3 major topics (and then ~10 drawings for each). My first topic for #inktober2019 was supposed to be something to practice lettering …now it turned into faces with text 🙂
Because I accidentally only used song lyrics bits, I created a playlist with all of the songs and seems to be a small collection of some of my favourite music artists, here you go:

Here the list of all songs:

  • „Elephants“ by Portugal. The Man (Text on face: „Will there be a better place?“
  • „Choices“ by To Kill A King (Text on face: „I had the same choices as you do“)
  • „Spitting out the demons“ by the Gorillaz (Text on face: „Spitting out the demons hopping outta holes“)
  • „Crazy talk“ by 5K HD (Text on face: Maybe you can’t see it now but give it a minute)
  • „Run from the ones that say I love you“ by Ja, Panik (Text on face:
  • „Got Til It’s Gone“ by Janet Jackson
  • „Beehive“ by Hundreds
  • „Unfucktheworld“ by Angel Olsen“ (Text on face: „Here’s to thinking that it all meant so much more“)
  • „The beast lives in the same place“ by Corrina Repp (Text on face: „The beast lives in the same place“)
  • „OMYGOD“ by Kate Nash (Text on face: „The sun shines down on me But I don’t get no vitamin D“)

(Some reference photos:
other references are photos I made or screenshots of films, series etc.)