Cover illustration for »Voilà une Parisienne!« published August 2022

Cover illustration for the book »Voilà une Parisienne!« – Stereotype als verflochtene Erzählungen by Maria Weilandt
See the publication here:

The joint creative process for developing this cover illustration was such an amazing experience! SO many thanks to Maria Weilandt for this process 🙂

See below for the cover version (cover design elegantly done by Maria Arndt), original ink illustration, some colour variations and first sketches in the process. Also below are the 14 parisiennes sketches, all based on original paintings, drawings, statues or other art forms which are referenced in the book. (below is a list of the references)

  1. Claude Monet „Camille (The Woman in the green dress)“ (see here)
  2. Maurice Ravidat „Un Geste de la Parisienne“, Femina (see here)
  3. Édouard Manet „La Parisienne“ (see here)
  4. Pierre-Auguste Renoir „La Parisienne“ (see here)
  5. Jules Chéret „À la parisienne“ (see here)
  6. Mylady „Nos Parisiennes en Voiture“, Femina
  7. Paul Gavarni – Illustration for the Essay „La femme comme il faut“ (see here)
  8. J.J. Grandville – Illustration for the Essay „La Femme De Province“ (see here)
  9. M. Moreau-Vauthier „La Parisienne“ (see here)
  10. Agnes Goodsir „The Parisienne“ (see here)
  11. La Parisienne, fresque de Cnossos (see here)
  12. Alfred Stevens „La Parisienne japonaise“ (see here)
  13. Charles-Alexandre Giron „La femme aux gants dite La Parisienne“ (see here)
  14. Ferdinand Hodler „La Parisienne – Portrait of Valentine Godé-Darel“ (see here)